We are in the midst of a conscious transformation – a transformation of consciousness that goes beyond knowing to understanding, beyond reason to intuition, beyond self-love to selfless-love; a transformation through a human-transcendent wisdom, leading to the ascendancy of justice and wisdom over injustice and ignorance.
As our nature is both human and transcendent (flesh and spirit, self and soul, so to speak), each pitted one against the other, as it always seems, this human-transcendent wisdom resolves the age-old conflict by having these two “antagonists” balanced into a relative harmony – hence a conscious transformation.
Underlying this wisdom is the unifying bond, or power, of Love that holds all things together in their proper place; so that rather than our humanness repelling our transcendence, and vice versa, each attracts one another in the right proportion, or tension, relative to the individual.
This human-transcendent transformation, then, has wisdom as its guide, and Love [as the bond of unity] – (or Love, with a capital ‘L’) as its source – and this source is Meaning: the meaning of everything . . . “everything”, which includes Nothing – all that is neither inclusion nor exclusion; that is to say the Nameless
Human-Transcendence covers a wide range of human, transcendent, and human-transcendent observations of our complex humanity moral and spiritual idealism, our vulnerabilities, our various moods and inclinations, our frailties, our inner and outer conflicts, our insecurities, and so on.
By pinpointing the array of our human complexities, this work helps us become acutely – not just vaguely – aware, and accepting of, the limitations of our humanness, the limitlessness and uplift of our transcendence, and the possibilities and refinements of our human-transcendence.

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