Third Perspective

The Way of Love

[Written After Falling in Love with My Wife-to-be]

  1         Love is an overcoming of self and other selves.

  2         It is now time in our history for love to take the ascendancy over ego. The ego has long had its day. It’s time for it to take the backseat.  Yes, long live the ego! But strong live love!

  3         If you think love is easy, is a kind of weakness, then, my friend, try it sometime – especially when you don’t feel it!

  4         No religious or spiritual stances with the way of love. Anything goes as long as it’s done in love, for the right :  ̶  just-right.

  5         Peace is the moral equivalent of love.

  6         The severe, hard masculine expression does give one a sense of power  ̶  manipulative power; forceful power it is a guise designed to instill fear, awe, respect for you into others. It alienates. The softer, relaxed lilt to one’s expression is a guise too, perhaps; but it instills ease and cheer and friendliness for you into others. It unites.

  7         Love wins all  ̶  even when it loses. A paradox, yes, but one to be understood.

  8         Just the thought of love alone can be enough; one does not always have to be loving, always have to have an object to love  ̶  human or otherwise.

  9         Being in a rush, being anxious, eager, restless, fatigue, are deterrents to the self-controlled love. To offset these, love must be foremost in your mind and life. Too much to expect? Mostly, yes.

10          Love is the great harmonizer  ̶   it gives us both the flesh and the spirit. What more could we want!

11          It is a virile love we want; a virility gentle, but firm, when necessary.

12          How we, deal with the Hitler type, the psychopath, the hard-natured? The force of love may not be able to penetrate to make a difference to that evil ego; but it can make us better deal with them so that the force of their evil does not overpower us. You will not subject yourself to their level by exploding emotionally – they wait for that to happen. Only fear and threat to keep them in line?

13          Being motivated by love, everything is possible  ̶  even easy.

14          It is a willed love we want, not an overly sentimental sweetish love.

15          Oh, what joy of adventure to love!  ̶  to love where ego “dare not go! ” What daring such love takes.

16          To love without desire.  ̶  is that possible! The desire of the opposite sex?

17          Love heals. Love cures.

18          Let the thought of love intrude into your other thoughts at every opportunity. No matter what you are thinking, interrupt the flow and think simply of love, love, love.

19          “Love covers a multitude of sins.’”

20          Love is modest; it does not go strutting about in pride of self and deed. It understates; is much     given to gauged reservation.