181        Christ’s “turn the other cheek love your enemies” are ideals to approximate and aim for; they are not commandments except as self-commandments taken upon oneself for oneself.

182        So long as your personality development is constricted for whatever reason, so long as you cherish unbegotten desires or ambitions first, so long will you be closed off to the rays of love; closed off in your mind and heart and soul.

183        When you find yourself at one time smiling in affection for prostitutes, then at another time saddened grievously at the ravages and the indignities of the profession, then know you are in touch with Love itself, weeping for Itself.

184        Love saves, knowingly or unknowingly.

185        The secret is to love, and that is all; for all else comes to you. Believe me.

186        There is great power in displays of love for others. There is embarrassment too, as your love is snubbed; but this mighty power well compensates for that little detail.

187        Love is soft, it is true, but it can be firm solidly where right is concerned. There is no namby-pamby sentimentalism about love; but neither is there hardness; firmness, yes, but not hardness.

188        Love is kind wherever it can be.

189        Love is engaging, given easily to touch and embrace; is not afraid to caress. Yes, love does conquer even this fear of nearness.

190        The animosity, the aggressiveness, you feel toward someone, can be dissolved by love – if only temporaraly, according to the particular situation.

191        Affectionate love goes hand in hand with right.

192        You don’t have to be enthusiastically, affectionately, loving all the time, which, by the way, is impossible for us fallible human beings. A silent, reflective, subdued stance is good for the soul too.

193        The lover fits his mood to the other’s, but with the addition of positivity.

194        One need not be in love or to being loved, or loving one person to feel Love in its pure sense.

195        Do your eyes moisten, your chest heave with feeling when you see, or read, a touching loving scene? Then know that you love, that love has its hold on you.

196        When you are excessive or deficient in loving, it is not love that is one or the other — for there is neither excess nor deficiency to love but oneself that is one or the other.

197        “I don’t so much need you as I love you.

              “But love isn’t enough.”

              “It is for me, because I am not with you from need, but from affection, sympathy, care — in other words. Love.

198        Yes, there are people who do interpret loving-kindness as weakness; but no person who knows that he is lovingly kind feels it as weakness or acts weakly.

199        It is the lover’s way to spread good cheer and affability as much as possible. And this does require a going out of oneself  ̶  one’s own depressing moods and burdens.

200        To love does not mean all smiles and cheer; discretion accompanies love.