201        Let the thought of love fill your mind to overflowing. Let this empty your mind of negative thoughts, and unseemly impulses.

202        When you love, you do right; and with these two reinforcements, one can feel justified and fearless enough to be himself, to say no, even though in doing so, he doesn’t please the other.

203        Just as a truly generous person does not always give, so a devotee of love is not always loving. One does not greet a shark heading his way with “Oh, I do love thee shark for thy beauty! but gets himself gone. One does not pet a snarling dog; or touch a hissing snake; nor does he embrace his enemy. No, love discriminates. Love fights for the good, for the right   ̶   and it knows when it is right and good and loving to fight physically, psychologically, morally, spiritually. Love does not demur, love does not cringe. Love is bold, it understands. It protects and guides. Love does not disappoint; it shines through the eyes rays and glitter of power and force. It knows what to do even against all odds; it is intelligent; it is life par excellence.

204        Love is replete with meaning.

205        Love is the élan vital in the veins of the lover.

206        Love wins! If it is true that life is a “play of opposites,” a “fool’s game,” then be sure that love leaps with the play, wins the game  ̶  even if it loses!.

207        To say that you love God is to say you love Love  ̶  all that you are, all that everything is.

208        The salvation of love for man is that love both binds and looses  ̶  binds us to life and looses us for eternity.

209        Love has all the meaning in the world-from the physical to the metaphysical, from the flesh to the spirit, from the mind to the heart, from the will to instinct. There is no room for limit or impossibility.

210        Love unifies and diversifies.

211        To become as God-like as possible, as Christ-like, as Buddha-like, as possible is to become Love-like as possible.

212        Love   ̶   the swirl of electrons and particles in the atom … in you and me … God! He-It is right there in every atom of our being.

213        Hate is a subtraction, a limitation, of love. So are all other manifestations of what we collectively term as evil and ego. Both evil and ego we know to be powerful forces on our society and world; but they are what we might call adulterated love ramified into individually concentrated diversities.

214        Love spiritualizes matter; which more specifically is to say that love transforms matter.

215        It is God in, to, us that loves; certainly not our meager self-best! –though it tries its best.

216        Love is the son of God  ̶  unity.

217        Lennon: “Love is knowing we can be”–being is love: the bond-ing of unity.

218        Love creates the world-before, now, and after.

219        Through love meaning abounds … or is it the other way around… or is it both?

220        Genet loved Evil not evil; but he had to practice evil in order to be in touch with Evil. And when he no longer practiced evil, he could no longer love Evil, his beloved mistress … nor could he love at all.