21          The key to depth philosophy: that love transcends self, that love overcomes strife.

22          After the beginning stages of the love-feeling pass  ̶   and who knows how long these last?  ̶   we do have to work hard at loving, at maintaining the sense of love; it does not come easily. Yes, the love feeling does come over us without effort at times; but we cannot rely on it to come when we want it mainly because of our ego-sensual-self. Hence we work at it day after day, week after week, month after month year after year, until it finally becomes a natural virtue with hardly a thought.

23          Love can be all fire, or it can be a slow calm, or the sweet rose.

24          We might consider love as the answer to the riddle, the meaning, of life; the key to the existential malaise, predicament, of modem man.

25          ‘Where in the human creation does beauty reside?” ̶  in love.

26          It definitely is more pleasant to be pleasing toward others than otherwise; but it does take an effort. It is no simpy reaction, but an act – an act of deliberate will; and this we know is no easy matter.

27          Love is an energizer, so to speak; no question about it. Think of love, and up goes the adrenaline level.

28          What is more advantageous to others than a strong, dominating personality who tempers such force (of will) with love and good will.

29          Be quick to catch yourself at your usual critical, judgmental attitude toward others; and then come right back to your love side.

30          Surely not everyone is worthy of being loved, or thought favorable of  ̶  or even those who are, not at all times  ̶  but certainly you are worthy enough to make an effort to love “sinners.” Jesus did; in fact, he dined with them.

31          Love is the bond of everything; it is the identification of everything.

32          Love forbears with passionate force so that it breaks down subtly the barriers of resistance of others. Love is the strongest form of resistance  ̶  in disguise of passivity, of course.

33          The feel of love makes one “stand tall.”

34          It is for the man or woman of love to teach others to feel softly, and then to love strongly.

35          We are able to face life more easily with the love attitude. The love attitude is more, much more, than the loving attitude. There need not be an object of love present always  ̶  thank God, or Love, for that; just the presence of love in one’s mind.

36          When you do a favor for another person without expecting, or even wanting a thank you, then know you did it from love or for the sake or rightness of the act itself  ̶   which, I suppose, amounts to the same thing.

37          As the tide of his anger rises, the ebb of my love settles it.

38          This love, this love!  It takes such patience; not to mention the odd endurance.

39          Preen yourself for one moment on being the great lover of all, and you defeat the very love you claim to feel and give. All pride of self is to wash away if you are to be sincere in your love. What! a reward for your love? Are you sure you are on the right track, friend?

40          Love does not condescend. It is life as it is. No one would say to a true disciple of love that he is