81          Love will not allow me to think such wretched thoughts of him.

82          Dear friend are you locked in the jaws of a despised love, cannot extricate yourself from him, her? You suffer, do I know that!. I sadden for you; but you are fortunate to feel such pangs, for what we suffer, we   ̶  dare I say it?!  ̶  love.

83          If I look at /, and you are beautiful through and through. Somehow human love gets through to the soul.

84          Can love transform the ugly into the beautiful? My life-long quest.

85          Whatever loving expressions you normally could do only periodically, with love you do more continually, more consistently.

86          Love makes us finely sensitive to ourselves and to others.

87          If you are supposed to love your mate, but do not mutually enrich each other in a “certain human fragrance,” then you may have something that binds you together, but you do not have mutual love. Something is wrong; a canker is in the bud. Better take stock of yourself, and your “loved” one.

88          Reproach a prostitute? Never! Her pimp? Well … That would take a good deal of love-understanding that many of us are not up to.

89          Where lust goes, love does not follow except at its most elemental form of attraction.

90          When you really, truly, love, then there is no fear of saying, “I love you”, nor even “I love you so very much!” nor even more daringly, “I need you so very much.”

91          It’s not that love fails me in my recourse to it when in need, or in lust, or in ego, but that I fail it; that I am not up to it, am not loving enough.

92          When love becomes an integral part of you, other’s loving attitude will not be so offensive. Your ignorance, your  ̶  yes, hidden jealousy  ̶  will not be so dominant.

93          You have to be firm and sharp at times with others; but there should be a strong reserve in that firmness so that it doesn’t become an insult or an abuse.

94          It is almost impossible for desire not to arise when an attractive woman shows a soft, feminine.

              interest in you — you know, that certain smile, look, gesture. And you do want to make love to her.– just a touch! But is this love? Lust? Or just nature on the loose.

95          A sensitive awareness and understanding of the force of love working in human beings makes for.

              perceptive understanding of human nature in action. For example, the mother’s blind defense of her child caught in a lie or at cheating at school.

96          Love transformed him  ̶  soothed his violent nature, tenderized him, developed his feminine side; so, of course, he would think love is the strongest force in his life, in life itself.

97          Love, as one’s master idea, can take much easier the ire and slights, sarcasm, and impatience of others. Not that it is easy, only easier.

98          “Would you prefer that I love you as a woman or as a person?”

              “A woman first then as a person; for I am a woman before I am a person.”

99          Why would you judge others in your mind or in word when you have the understanding of love in you?

100        In love there is self-freedom  ̶   freedom from the promptings and urgings of our ego-sensuality.