121        Fatigue or sickness, or depression reduces the energy to love. In which case, energy is not love, but can be used for love  ̶  or for hate or lust, or anything.

122        Love is patient; because it takes patience to love; and love, of course, makes one patient.

123        Without the grounding of love, all efforts of self-refinement and expansion are but superficial and  inconsistent.

124        But how can I love when so much suffering and evil role the world; when I can’t succeed creatively, professionally; when an underlying anger almost consumes me?

125        Through the art of loving one learns the art of living.

126        Put love into practice and love is there! No methods, no techniques, no worship, no ritual.

127        Love is play –“play the game existence”.  ̶  but a serious play.

128        For many, only suffering and need of others can arouse the love in them.

129        Love softens self-assertion where self-assertion is self-aggrandizement.

130        “Living to love is the reason why we shine.”  The Bee Gees

131        Love man, love God, love life, love your spouse, your children; but the main thing is to eventually drop the object of love, and to just love; and then the love of all objects of love will have meaning and significance and perspective.

132        The feeling of love is firstly most naturally aroused by the opposite sex; then by one’s children — erotic love. This is the nearest many even get to love itself; which is sufficient enough for nature’s design.

133        Sarcasm, being sardonic, ridicule, have no place in the spectrum of love; these tensify relationships not intensify them.

134        An ideal. ̶   Are you not loved romantically, erotically, for yourself! It’s hard, I know; but there is one    salvation –: and that is to practice loving; fall in love with love; love for the sake of love. Don’t be             concerned that you be an object of love, or that you have an object of your love other than love itself. Be an emissary of Love-Itself. I know this is but second best to the real thing, but it does help one not lose his bearings, to put it lightly. At least this person is in touch with the image and practice of love if not as an object of love himself.

135        Love is miracle as it is magic.

136        She has a lovely quality about her. Just by being with her, she makes you love yourself.

137        Love lessens embarrassment by, or with, anyone when you’re in love-with love.

138       Love adapts itself to the situation and person. In which case, love can be lust — but not personally.

139       Another test  ̶  and a severe one  ̶  of love would be: does one’s “love of love” sustain him in sickness, when dying? How then does one keep a smile on his face, a sparkle to his personality? After all, there would be little energy for that. Would love not then transform into grand nobility?

140       Love is the ultimate motivation for egolessness, however one may attribute it to Truth or God or Jesus, or Buddha, and all the rest and others. The same applies to kindliness, consideration, helpfulness, and all the other social virtues.