141        Gentleness, tenderness — the grace of love.

142        The Zen no-thought, the Buddhist awareness, ways come in handy in the way of love. When you have thoughts unpalatable to love, then stop them for love’s sake.

143        Love is an attraction  ̶  attraction for whatever it might be, whether for good or for ill; or more extreme, even disturbingly unbelievable: good or evil; or for good and evil!

144        Living in and for love does contribute considerably to the happy life.

145        No, I don’t have to tell you that you’ve already told me this is a “thousand times”. You’re enjoying it, you need to say it again; that’s good enough for me.

146        I become bold in love  ̶  for love! Embarrassed that I love? That once was me: you know, that tedious masculine image syndrome; but no longer. ̶  I rejoice to love; and let me be teased or mocked; it matters not, for I have the better way, the “more excellent way,” to quote Paul.

147        Love has ever to contend with strife, its counterpart, its counterpoint.

148        Love injects zest into each and every day.

149        Love, when it is not spontaneous, or natural, requires much of us. most of us  ̶  too much for most of us.

150        Is it not Jesus’ actions and deeds that profess, herald, the miraculous burst of love than his few scanty words on love?

151        Besides learning how to think, learning to love, are about the most difficult tasks for us frail mortals.

152        You may continue to love and to fail in love; for we are not perfect. Yet, it is perfect love for which we thrive.

153        “Ah, you love Love; not me. How can I call you mine?”

               “But all the more am I yours; I am you! — and with you alone, do I feel it!

154        The love feel is a quieting, tendering experience and shows in the walk, the voice, the stance.

155        Without the grounding of love, all metaphysics, mysticism, philosophy, poetry, are but sterile ̶ thrilling, inspiring, to be sure; but empty of works.

156        Love eases anger.

157        You have been snubbed, even betrayed, by your friend? Has your wife or lover turned cold on you? Can your love alone endure that?

158        Being alert to the meaning and practice of love keeps one “on his toes” ̶  never a dull moment, so to speak : always something, someone, and oneself to contend with. It’s an intensely active day-to-day life. You can hardly let your defenses down, before the gravity and focus of one’s self           endurance..

159        If we’re in a hurry, hot after something or other, then we’ll have to leave our loving thoughts behind in the dust for the time being.

160        When in weakness, appeal to the power of love in you; mean it, and this power will surely take its effect.