161        We have been speaking, thinking, and living God for all these centuries; well and good. Now let us make the shift to Love; that, I think, is more to the point. As a matter of fact, did not St. John  say, “God is Love?

162        Love is a self-refining process, the natural way to egolessness.

163        Just try to think love when you’re seething with anger at another’s injustice toward you, or to another! If your love at that time takes its soothing effect, and proceeds with judgment, discernment and effect, then know that you are truly a loving person, that love is more important to you than any self-abrasions.

164        Somehow the loving attitude clears the air.

165        And then adversity takes over your life, one disaster after another. It is then that you let love pacify you in strength of forbearance and force of effect.

166        Become love itself; think yourself right into its power, its conception, its ideal.

167        Are we, lovers of Love to turn our backs on, our minds from, the cruelties, terrors, and horrors of life? Smile on it all? Hardly. How can we who love not feel the stab of these to the very heart; for he who loves all, feels all  ̶  not just the pleasant feelings. And since love is the strongest force in life, so is the possessor of the strongest type.

168        Fatigue, irritability, frustration, annoyance, all work against the “loving feeling”  ̶  which makes us more prone to sarcasm, spite, indifference  ̶  indicate what one is up against as practitioners of love. It’s an active self-overcoming and takes sometimes extra reserves of energy to be aware, alert, understanding.

169        Through the golden pillars of Love, wisdom glows.

170        To love without return means that take rebuffs from others, if not easily, then strongly, calmly, understandingly, patiently.

171        My critical eye on and of others seems to close when I think of Love as something pure.

172        Love is an idealizing process.

173        That sardonic, condescending attitude, smirk, have to go. They’re too limiting  ̶  deadens

174        The very effort of trying to be pleasant   ̶   with love on your side  ̶  makes it pleasant to be pleasant.

175        Love and goodness go hand in hand.

176        Yes, he is a good person; but not a kind person. Love as a way of life is missing from his makeup.

177        Be a fool for love if need be-not only for the object of your love, but for love itself.

178        And if you are persecuted for your love? Then you suffer standing than on your knees.

179        Love is a direct route to God.

180        Love is a humbling experience   ̶   but a noble one.