21         Be with your Love divinity “come rain or shine”.

22         Know that Love is your God of all that is! – the God that binds you all compact into this body-mind-soul tripartite.

22         Your Love is the all of everything; It is not any this or thatthing.

23         Chant the sacred word Love just as the sacred word OM is chanted slowly, deep-breathingly; let its meaning pervade you.

24         Say the word aloud, to yourself, in a whisper, depending on where you are, or what situation you’re in, or what mood you’re in. In either case, its effect takes hold.

25         Desire, passion, impulse, are natural enough in themselves as they’re part of our human makeup. Mostly, however, we do not use good judgment when under their sway, but rather follow the “way of all flesh.” Our saving grace, though, is that the wisdom (intuition?) will of Love guide us aright without thought intervening. If you have a moment in between your stormed emotion and your acting on that emotion, … Say the word Love; it might save the day – if you want it to.

26 When you’re saying or chanting or singing the word Love, don’t think of Love as this or that; but rather feel it as an all-pervading presence.

27         Let Love be your alter ego; that aspect of you that guides you aright when you might otherwise go astray, or sink into psychosomatic turmoil or depression, or laxity, or whatever else. Know that you have a divine part of you that knows what is right and good for you, even though you may not see it that way. In which case … say the word and you’ll be free.

28         We often fail ourselves, as we know, when it comes to doing the right thing; but, by being in touch with Love, we will more often be inclined to do the right thing more than we otherwise would.

29         Let your chanting the word Love be your holy prayer.

30         “When to the sessions of sweet silent thought” (Shakespeare) you conjure up the sacred word Love, then you will experience the variations of  your mind free from the whirlwind of conscious thinking. Your mind transforms into various transconscious states such as into surreal imagery, in   which a tiger is playing the flute, or a kaleidoscopic explosion of colors is whizzing about every which way, or scenes of people from another age, or faces of persons nowhere seen in your life, a magnificent oratorio, or  … and the variations go on limitlessly. Or your mind transforms into a blessed feel of peace and silence and stillness. Or the ultimate transconscious state of Oneness that pervades your mind with the bliss of nothing but Power – nothingness; the so-called misunderstood: Nothingness.

31         Keep in mind that for all the optimism I proclaim for the word Love, we nonetheless are still subject to, beyond our control, the chemistry of our glands and organs and tissues, and blood; and the physiology of fatigue and hunger and sleep, and sexual appetite, and all the accompanying   psychosomatic reactions ensuing from these physical realities that limit our transcendent horizons; and make us vulnerable to failing ourselves when most we would want not to.

32         Drown them out! those seducing thoughts and imagery that sweep you into the chaos of the blood. Turn to Love, your only salvation in such turbulent, burning,

33         The word, the presence, of Love is always there for us; but we don’t always want it, do we!

34         Blind yourself to the impulse! Go mentally blank into Love; there is no other way out. It will feed   upon itself; and then where will you be? Back into the sink of your self gone “wild,” if not “mad,” for the moment.

35         Let me tell you, for those whose sense of Love has little or no effect, because it is too abstract, too remote. In that event, you can turn to the word “transcendence.” This word has perhaps more concrete meaning, since its meaning is clear: beyond self and ego, beyond the phenomenal mind.    It has the spiritual sense of Love; since, in a way the two are interchangeable – which is to be explained in another work. So, when in need, and the word or sense or presence of Love fails you; say the word “transcendence” repeatedly and rapidly so that it blocks out the unwanted thoughts,  images, actions, arousal. It works; but you must want , if not ,need, to be free from them; otherwise even this word will have no immediate effect. Or, if even the word  “transcendence,” is too abstract or vague a word, then say the verb form of the word: “transcend.” Accordingly, you repeat rapidly the words “transcend it.”  These two little, but powerful, words have the advantage over the usual utterance we say in a troubled mind state: “Don’t think of it,” inasmuch as the word “transcendence has am ultra-psychological ,or spiritual meaning, beyond just the psychological “Don’t think of it.” This utterance has us pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps, so to speak; it’s just a psychological defense against our humanness, and not often an effective one, as everyone knows; whereas the saying of transcendence or transcend-it goes beyond the mere psychological part of   our nature.

36          When the mood of futility sneaks up on you to invade your self-confidence, to make all that you have done, and are going to do, seem worthless, to make you want to chuck it all and sink yourself into self-destruction – that is when you most need to offset that false seduction with the positive sun rays of the word Love by saying It, singing It, chanting It until your self-confidence returns and hope displaces futility.

                  Yet, let us say that that futile mood is valid, that the direction you are going in, the life that you are leading, is, in fact, wrong, misplaced. Then what? It is then that you apply at least three of the transcendent aspects of this Love (kind of religion): right, truth, understanding. You ask yourself: Am I on the right track? What is the truth of my life? Do I really understand what is going on? What next is required, is that you strongly face the reality, the integrity, of the   answers to those questions. And for you to answer these questions truly, you are to have your Love divinity by your side, otherwise you will delude yourself by the stark truth of the possible answers to your enquiries. Actually, the process you are going through is what I call wisdom enquiries; which is an integral part of this so-called Love ‘religion’. In struggling, striving, to answer these life-meaning questions, you actually are seeking wisdom; in particular, the wisdom of your life. These wisdom enquiries is a trans-psychological dialogue you are undergoing to discover the truth of your life; which is the real path toward self-understanding in relation to the Love of the world, the Love of your life.

37 It’s easier to do what you know to be right when motivated, fortified, by the thought of doing it for Love. Love is your salvation; if not, then make Love your salvation. It is up to you, if not only, then with the buttress of the seers of ‘the kingdom of God within; be it Christ, Buddha, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, or the mighty moral ones: Lincoln, for instance.

38         Feel your pain, your arousal, whatever it is, focus in on it, Love it, identify with it, be it accompanied by, armed with, your word Love, Love, Love.

39         Yes, he is “crazy” under the surface, the veneer, of his “normalcy.”  Yet, what is it that keeps him intact, so to speak. Is it not love – that he is loved and is able to love without fear of rejection or of being used. So let us re-phrase the statement as: Are we not all crazy, or would be crazy, in one  degree or another without the love that we need for our particular life?

40         Yes, she is bipolar, a manic-depressive, a neurotic, a  borderline schizophrenic; since love as her   nature required has ever eluded her both from her parents and her husband(s). Her children assuaged her condition, but only as a temporary, sublimated stopgap. How could she elude this    crucial lack of her formative years except through repression and sublimation and medication, and who knows what else. Good works help, therapy helps, career success helps, material goods help, friends help, religion helps, knowledge helps, peer recognition help – all these and more, help her get through her life without extremities. Yet still she remains an incomplete woman because she is not loved as her being demands; and so conversely, she herself cannot love as her being demands. Where is the right man – or woman – to free her? And, as human nature, human ignorance, would have it, it is hardly likely that she would find such a person. And so she lacks her fourth dimension: be-ing herself.