61         And for those woman strong in the man-woman relationships, yes, you need a man’s love as your life’s blood; but for your love of Love itself … that they cannot trespass, nor pass off lightly, for there within lies your strength, your salvation, your goodness, your sensitivity, your love for her deep to her being. D.H. Lawrence would certainly verify my point.

62 That queasy, hurting feeling at the pit of your stomach troubling your mind; dispel it at once with the word Love.

63          However many times you fall (from grace), know that you always have your Love divinity to return to. It does not judge; It just is.

64         You can live for Love or through Love. In living for Love, Love dominates all that you do; everything else is subordinate: career, marriage, children, friends, activities, and all else. In living through Love, Love accompanies all that you do; your love of others, of knowledge, of career, of activities, dominate your life; Love is present guiding you through them. Your love of life subordinates your love of Love. Yet at one period of your life you might live through Love, and at another period, for Love; and vice versa. In either case, your awareness of Love is remembered through the five-fold way of Love: say Love, think Love, feel Love, do Love, be love. It is just a matter of focus and degree of your commitment.  

65         In the beginning stages of living through Love, we continuously forget about It; and so, easily fall back into our wayward ways for days on end, if not for months. As we progress, this happens less and less, until gradually Love becomes your constant companion through life.   

66         Remember Love always. Carry it about with you as a talisman.

67         When you feel guilty that you left Love behind for a time, then know that you are closer to It than you might know. Quick! then, back to It! back to your joy of spirit.

68         For those who use their downcast mood to meanly, bring you down; or simply are in a bad mood that has nothing to do with you, I say, simply disregard it by thinking Love, saying Love to yourself; and observe how you will rise above their contagion. You have it then that their mood fails to      dominate you.

69         Ah, sweet Love! soother, enlightener, of my gloom.

70         When everything seems to you a futile gain, a “rope of sand,” a “chase after wind,” then keep in mind that you love – or can love – and are loved – or will be loved; and that will relieve you from that life’s truth. Keep in mind, also, that you are essentially the Meaning-of-Love-in-Blissed- Oneness, and that will free you from that life’s truth.

71         Don’t be concerned about being perfect in this imperfect life; there will be ample time  ̶  actually

              timelessness – enough to be perfect in the eternal Bliss of Love. Remember Jesus’ remark: “Be you perfect as your God in heaven is perfect.”

72         Marry Love with right and you have a formidable force of two-as-one as you set about doing the right thing.

73         It is easier to do what you know as right when you have Love alongside you, with or without Its guide.

74         And once again we get caught up in the currents and rapids of daily living, thereby forgetting and

              forsaking our Love divinity – until one day, when we are steeped in Love, we will never let that happen again.

75         We get caught, we get trapped, we get careless, we get seeped; and there goes our reputation, our peace of mind, our “everything.” We are now nothing but our agonizing pain of remorse and shame, that make us want to “give up the ghost.” Nothing psychological, nor transcendent, can    help us – except! That which underlies all matters psychological and transcendent  ̶  : Love; in    which case, “all you need is Love” to get you through as you begin the trek to redeem yourself, to recover yourself, to know yourself.

76         No more feeling sorry for yourself. What is there to feel sorry for, now that you know what the word Love can do; now that you know What / Who you are. Or as Lennon sings:

How does it feel to be

One of the beautiful people

Now that you know who you are

How does it feel to be

One of the beautiful people

How often have you been there

Often enough to know

What did you see when you were there

Nothing that doesn’t show

Baby you’re a rich man

Baby you’re a rich man

Baby you’re a rich man, too

How does it feel to be

One of the beautiful people

Tuned to a natural E

happy to be that way

Now that you’ve found another key

What are you going to play

                                           – Baby You’re a Rich Man – Lennon-Beatles

77         Since Love is the universal Power, Being, Bond, Love, ̶  call It what you will  ̶  of unity, we all are compelled to act in that “framework,” so to speak. Accordingly, we all act in our own ways, for good or for ill, or for both, or for neither. Analogously, imagine (to use Vivekananda’s analogy) a person sitting at his desk at night with a lamp shinning on it with a check on it. Let this light be the power of Love. Now, one person may use this light to forge a check to gain his end unjustly; another person to write a check for a charitable organization to gain his end justly; and still another person may write a check to himself, indifferent to either good or bad intentions. The light (Love) has nothing to do with either the good, bad, or indifferent, intention of the person; yet each of these persons is acting under Love’s influence for some good for himself, whether it is attained justly, unjustly, or selflessly (not necessarily selfishly). So, whether we act for the good or for the bad, or for neither, we are acting for some good; and this good is what we are attracted to; and what we are attracted to is what we love – since love is  an attracting force (as love is historically understood) – so according to the individual he acts through love whether it is for the good or for the bad, or for neither. It is not Love itself that is doing the act, but what a person loves in this or that particular case.

78         How are we of good love – that is to say, being attracted to goodness, justice, integrity, sensitivity, and the like – to deal with those of bad love –that is to say, being attracted to the opposites of the aforementioned qualities? First of all, with respect – feigned or not – knowing that what they love is as much a part of life as what we love – referring to the opposites, the dualities, in and as life. Second of all, always with caution (at the very least) and with awareness and understanding of their ways. Third of all, with simulation; we simulate their ways, “play their game,” so to speak. We let them hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see, while we go on our own way with our integrity intact. We let the actor in us out for a performance, just as they do – with the exception, of course, that they are natural performers. We take the ascendancy from them; we’re in control, not them anymore.

                To be sure, this is no simple feat. It takes a long psychological reconstruction with the right understanding and attitude toward “those others” – those inclined toward destruction; mainly destruction of our well-being, of our self-respect, of our dignity, of our self-worth – for their own self-worth; or simply for the sake of destroying or breaking down another’s well being.

79         The danger zone: – This thought: Why turn to the Love word? I’m doing fine without it today. I really don’t need,nor want, it now; I want to be on my own. Is that the way to treat your beloved Friend! Are you only a fair-weather friend? Is the Love word merely a utilitarian outlet for you? You really want to indulge yourself, without any interference, don’t you.  … All right, I got the idea. I’ll turn to It, even though I don’t feel like it; at least I’ll try.

80      If repeating the word “Love” is not effective enough for a particular urge or impulse, then simply transcend all thought – even Love – by repeating quickly and repeatedly, the word “Transcendence.” Until your mind moves on to something else more creatively, more constructively. This word blocks out everything from your mind except that word and its very meaning of transcending everything to do with your ego-self, your ego-sensuality.