25          Goodwill activates torpor.

26          Goodwill is the pied piper of humanity. Who, what, can resist its draw?

27          We need not love, in the affectionate sense of the word, those to whom we exercise goodwill.

28          Goodwill relaxes you.

29          Goodwill is gauged by sympathy; for as one sympathizes with another, he cannot but feel as that person feels and so feel the strongest goodwill. To sympathize with one’s misfortune is easy; to sympathize with his good fortune harder; to sympathize with one’s good is easy too; to sympathize with his evil is much harder; to sympathize with one’s politeness is easy, not his rudeness.

30          Let your goodwill fan your anger toward another however justifiable; after all, we all do wrong, are fallible and frail at times; and no one can ever come up to what we expect of them; why we ourselves can’t even come near our own ideal image. It’s hard, I know; but it must be done.

31          Goodwill is not only acting well toward others, but also feeling the same for them.

32          To hold on to your goodwill can be excruciatingly difficult when the injustice inconsideration etc. of another gets to the blood of you. Then the genuineness of your goodwill is put to the test.

33          Goodwill adds a grace to one’s person; in which case, lust upsets this grace, as it is essentially an agitating arousal, mostly blind to anything but its thrust. I need not draw a conclusion here.

34          The practice of goodwill is moral, aesthetic and spiritual all at the same time.

35          The practice of goodwill requires grace, sensitivity, control; lust of all kinds loses these – for the time being.

36          Notice how a dull, somber expression can beam alive with a pleasant show of concern, affability, and courtesy — a gentle smile.             

37          Your goodwill can mostly bear with the ill-will or negativism of others, since it is goodwill that is important to one.

38          Calm strength and grace with good will; patience too.

39          You certainly don’t always have to be smiling, cheerful — you can’t be; but you can always be courteous, friendly; and yet even these are not always easy to be.

40          The essence of love (goodwill): “I don’t want to unfairly, or selfishly, hurt anyone’s feelings.

41          Goodwill is a sunny word, cheerful and nimble; and yet awesome as the mighty redwoods. We have not here a sentimentality.

42          Let your goodwill be your strength, your guide, your friend, and your moral beloved.

43          We are to have goodwill even toward life; and that is why it neither desponds nor defeats us.

43          Do you think the goodwill you harbor toward others does not apply to your loved ones at home.

44          I may not always be pleasant; but I will not be rude.

45          Goodwill is love put in practice. It is grace in action.