Sixth Perspective

Love “Thought-Feelings” in Prose & Verse

NOTE: The decimal number before each verse stands for the month and the day. For instance, ‘2:7’ refers to February seventh, and so forth. Each passage that is numbered as 2:7 was conceived and written on that day. Each passage that was written on that day –2:7– is shown successively, as the verse came to me, by adding a third sequential number –2:7.0, 2:7.1…and so forth.

2:7         Of Love I write in accents deep
              as inward bond of unity.
              Love it binds all things as one
              as ordered will through Meaning’s bliss.

2:7.1      In the beginning at the end
              when past and present and future meet,
              pure limitless, underlying Love
              bathes our being in radiance.

2:7.2      Love is Meaning; Meaning, Bliss.
              that is all we need to know;
              for Love is will to-be-at-one,
              and Meaning is one-will in Bliss.

2:7.3      As Planets spin and atoms swirl
              as good and evil interact,
              one Will gives ordered meaning to
              their ultimate identity.

2:7.4      Though Love with strife do rule the world,
              strife is but Love’s consequence;
              for toward good and bad we are inclined.
              In either case, it’s what we love.

2:7.5     Passion for what we desire,
              sympathy for all that lives,
              is ardent will to be-at-one
              with that of which we’re separate.

2:7.6      Erotic love joins body-mind
              of masculine and feminine
              to propagate oneself from two
              for immortality of life.

2:7.7      Sex release for self alone
              with another, or oneself,
              is love of sex as urge and thrust;
              not sex as womb and phallic Love.

2:7.8      Do right, be true, to all, to you;
              understand yourself in all.
              Accomplish this in vibrant grace,
              then know through Love you share in Being.

 2:9        “Everything is relative”—true;
              relative to this or that;
              and Love, being both this and that,
              is unity relative to none.

  2:9.1   Love, Meaning, and their Bliss–these three
              are but the same in Unity:
              Love binds, Meaning knows all things,
              their Bliss shines on eternally.

  2:9.2   Unity — the generic word
              for Love, its meaning, and their Bliss–
              is God in Its divinity:
              its sacred text and holy prayer.

2:10       Unity on Love depends,
              and Love is Meaning’s binding force:
              the cause and reason for its being,
              as the mysterium of the world.

2:10.1    Unity is the cosmic One
              from part to part and part to whole;
              impersonal—yet personal too:
              in Love, which binds it all in place.

2:10.2    If Love is all and everyone,
              It knows Itself as-in all things;
              so everything, as Love itself;
              knows itself as-in everything.

2:10.3    Love is knowing we can be
              everything in Unity;
              though outwardly we just are this,
              inwardly we all are this.

2:11       Love is you, Love is me, Love is all,
              at the Meaning of our being.
              and the Meaning of our being,
              is the same of everything.

2:11.1    Love as Meaning, Meaning as Bliss:
              these three as pure conscious Unity:
              an all-embracing world of light,
              as the power that wills the world.

2:12       Love, Meaning, and Bliss, into one:
              as pure conscious radiance;
              experienced as Unity
              is our birthright for us to know.

2:13       Hear me those who love the most:
              You are nearest Love’s secret way
              and this secret must you cherish,
              for in it is your strength in weakness.

2:13.1    For every action there’s reaction
              empirically in space and in time.
              The Meaning of phenomena,
              however, tells it otherwise.

2:14       Interpretation is all we know
              of Unity’s reality.
              We think and live it as we can
              from which perspective suits our mind.

2:18       That we are Love, know that for sure
              at the essence of our being;
              of this truth our first duty is:
              to live this love in strength and grace.

2:18.1    Love is knowing we can be
when we close our minds to thought,
              can be the Love we truly are:
              the Bliss of Love’s pure entity.

2:20       If to the word “Love” you are intent,
              then feel your body bonded whole;
              and if to “Meaning, “think your mind;
              and if to “Unity,” then be as IT.