10:5.20  And yet we cannot sink ourselves

into any other’s being

to the exclusion of our self,

except for moments we know as right.

10:5.21  Against those crucial times of right

were we to act and feel remote

in favor of ourselves not them,

we break the bond of love for good.

10:5.22  And how do we redeem ourselves

when we have lost our soul for self,

when we forsook the one we love

in his or her desperate need?

10:5.23  Rather lose our life than our love

than break the bond of humanity;

and if we do, we live as dead;

however we smile and carry on.

10:5.24  It is a stigma impressed so deep

that if we cannot redeem ourselves,

all else we do however grand

is naught to us but sifting sands.

10:5.25  Having committed that mortal wrong

of deserting another in mortal need,

either in body or in mind,

all other gestures of love are in vain.

10:5.26  Not all will understand such angst,

nor will feel it if guilty themselves

but for those who know what I mean,

nurture love to transcend yourself.

10:5.27  And does this not accord with Christ’s

no greater love has man for man

than that he lay his life down for him;

and failing this there is little love.

10:8       Behind the veil of civility;

the engaging smile, the calm stance;

beneath respectability,

lies crazed and bloodshot jealousy.

10:8.1    Welcome strife and you welcome love.

Welcome strife and you welcome pain.

Welcome pain for the sake of love,

and you transform pain to pleasure.

10:8.2    If you live in mind of love and strife,

to guide you through your daily life;

no other guide will serve you as well;

for then you live the play of life.

10:8.1    But first you have to know them well:

that love is more than just concord

that strife is more than just discord;

and that both reside deep in your mind.


8:23       Live for love and live to love

and all else will be given you;

and in your love know that you shine

amidst the dark of life’s shadows.

8:23.1    When love is not returned

by those from whom it should,

love turns upon itself inside

and feeds upon its carrion.