3:20.1    Rejoice! I have good news to tell!
              Of a way of Love as something new:
              that Love is everything and One,
              is of good and evil and beyond.

4:5         Love binds the world as principle
              of willed cohesive unity;
              though strife opposes unity,
              it is strictly consequential.

4:5.1      All things will the integrity
              of their individual unity;
              and whatsoever threatens it,
              exists as strife of separateness.

4:5.2      Strife is pain of separateness
              in all living sentient beings;
              in inanimate form and matter,
              it is force of disintegration.

4:5.3      As human beings of flesh and blood,
              we suffer through the force of strife;
              but as transcendent human beings,
              we are the principle of Love.

4:5.4      Without love, strife is but a nullity;
              for to what purpose would strife be
              were there naught for it to undo,
              since there must be for there not to be.

4:5.5      Strife is love in conflict with itself
              in all its multiplicity;
              for everything is Love as one
              that cannot coexist as one.

4:6         Strife in everyday human terms
              is conflict of opposition,
              felt as pain of sink or swim
              —and love holds out as best it can.

4:6.1      As Love enjoins all things as one,
              so strife destroys this unity;
              but it can only break what is
              and that which is embodies strife.

4:6.2      Strife is love in conflict with itself
              in all its multiplicity;
              In which case, Love conquers all things
              —Even itself in form of strife.

4:9         Love is the “Son”—the Soul of Meaning:
              our one eternal heritage.
              And when we act in love toward all,
              We radiate transcendent Meaning.

4:9.1      My Soul of Love, I am its being,
              though here live within my mind—:
              mortality my destined end.
              an end that is the ONE beginning.

4:9.2      That which holds all things together
              Is all things together as one;
              Love we call it—the soul of being:
              Its meaning essentially we are.

4:15       Unity is love manifested
              in myriad multiplicity
              of forms in interrelations
              separate but together as one.

4:17       Those who have a beauty of soul
              radiate the beauty of Love
              as the inwardness of unity
              as the pure light of Meaning’s bliss.

4:17.1    “It’ is your soul I love” means
              It is the love in you I love,
              your loving nature from its source,
              suffusing your humanity.

4:17.2    O, my Soul! I am as Love!
              It’s so hard to bear this life,
              that without my mind on you, I sink;
              yet even that I can hardly do.

4:17.3    Love and Soul—interchangeable:
              when “love” is felt power is spent;
              when soul” is thought principle is meant.
              they mean the same differently.

4:17.4    Love, the bond of everything as one,
              is One itself indivisible:
              The soul of all that is as, at, one,
              the soul of everyone and thing.

4:17.5    Love is One indivisibly,
              manifested divisibly
              in which all things are as, at, one,
              as intimations of their Source.