4:17       As all numbers are series of ones,
              so all things are as, at, one,
              as a calculus of infinity
              wherein all “ones” are lastly One.

4:18       The business of life demands
              our whole attention practically;
              and only now and then can we
              contemplate its reality.

5:1         These:– Meaning, Love, and Unity
              are as the Holy Trinity:
              Meaning the Father, Love the Son
              and Unity the Mother

5:1.1      Love in man creates unity
              and love in woman preserves it.
              What seems destructive in such souls
              is inverse creation for the whole.

5:2         First God was outward; now: inward.
              First God was “He,” now He’s “It.”
              First He was Father-son-Holy Ghost;
              Now It’s Meaning-Love-Unity.

5:3         Survey the unity in this world
              that manifests itself as one:
              in all diversity of forms,
              in things together or apart.

5:3.1      If your love is deep or intense
              beyond yourself into this life,
              you will joy when that bond is fast,
              and grieve, as well, when it is lax.

5:6         If you love only what is good
              or easy, or beneficial,
              then love in part is your life’s worth;
              for love in full is to love in pain.

5:9         Pleasure we want, but pain we shun;
              thereby limiting our short life.
              Let us live with pain a little more
              so to enrich our life in love.

5:9.1      If in love you aspire to live
              then to its center aim your will
              where all is compact of fire pure,
              where Meaning lights and frees our world.

5:9.2      Once I sought within my mind
              the meaning of Love’s reality.
              Partial answers only I found,
              until I knew that love is meaning.

5:9.3      Love is meaning, meaning is love;
              one is inside, the other out:
              Meaning gives to love its will,
              while love gives unity its world.

5:9.4      I am love and so are you
              and so is everything in being;
              and though we live in strife as well,
              we’re all together for or against.

5:9.5      All will to power is a quantum leap
              from less to more, from here to there;
              more free the will, more might the power,
              until is reached the power to will.

5:9.6      Life in all its diversity
              fascinates the mind of man;
              for each mind creates its world of sense
              in ordered multiplicity. 

5:9.7      Each ordered multiplicity
              is an object of structured form
              in striking uniformity
              of all its parts in unity.

5:9.8      To look up at the sky in sighs,
              and witness nature’s wondrous sights:
              white sun beaming through fleecy clouds;
              I know the glory of my mind.

5:10       Soul is but an image of love
              an identification
              of our essential divinity
              and of our immortality.

5:10.1    See your soul as an inward image
              representing your divinity:
              as Meaning of the world in love
              diversifying unity.

5:10.2    Our soul is love personalized:
              To give an image where’s there’s none;
              “soul” gives meaning to our being—
              personal to the impersonal.

5:10.3    Love your world of divinity, yes;
              but not that you should scorn your life;
              for life is your reflection of
              eternal still in vital flux.

5:10.4    “Meaning” for the contemplative mind;
              “Love” we enact in bond with others;
              “Unity” we see as the whole;
              and “Bliss” is for the mystical.

5:10.5    Bliss is pleasure taken from here
              unto eternity, infinitely:
              in sheer power of luminance,
              in purity of consciousness.

5:15       Ask: “Am I committed to life,
              to eternity, or to both?
              If to one or the other—be it;
if to both, then unify them.

5:15.1    Love: a building up, a drawing to;
              strife: a breaking down, a turning from.
              Both are part of nature’s way
              to keep the world a separate one.