5:16       What seems to human perception
              as separate but unified,
              is but to a transcendent state
              not many as one, but only one.

5:16.1    Live your pain in strength and purpose
              and you honor your humanity;
              but be your pain in love of it,
              and you do love your divinity.

5:17       All we are, do, and think, are love:
              love of self, of others, and beyond:
              beyond to good and evil ways
              of slight or striking magnitude.

5:17.1    Love of this or that breeds hate and pain,
              which is our common human lot;
              but love of this and that calms the mind,
              and we see things as they truly are.

5:17.2    To love your enemy truly
              is not to be affectionate,
              but to identify with him
              as a defensive measure.

5:17.3    To reconcile both love and strife,
              we have to view them both as one—
              as only love in unity,
              and strife as its own identity.

5:17.4    Love is an identity
              of everything as equally one,
              however different and separate
              whatever strife destroys in life.

5:17.5    Identity is the same of two
              or more separate entities;
              is that which binds them ultimately
              and separates them relatively.

5:17.6    Strife is love of self opposed
              to other selves or to life itself;
              this love is blinded to one point:
              self-aggrandizement or destruction.

5:17.7    Destruction is love’s other force
              (creation its positive charge);
              one attracts, the other opposes;
              both together balance the world.

5:17.8    And when self-love gives no relief
              from pain of living futilely,
              then love of death takes over one
              to self-destructive acts on others.

5:17.9    When strife attacks, self is afoot
              for the pleasure gained in conflict.
              This pleasure can be so keenly felt
              it cancels out all self-concern.

5:17.10  One’s self can be so deeply hurt
              that all it knows is striking out;
              then delight in spite is felt
              in return for lost self-love.

5:17.11  Some to love in sympathy are born
              others are born in conflict to love;
              the former love in unity,
              the latter love disunity.

5:17.12  Whether to evil or to good
              we naturally are inclined,
              what we do freely that we love
              as that which contributes to our good.

5:17.13  Whatever contributes to our good
              that we pursue as best we know;
              those of justice live for love,
              as do the unjust live for strife.

5:17.14  The bond of families is of blood
              that keeps them tightly knit as one;
              but love of kin personally
              transcends the family unit.

5:18       Where there is little love or none
              for parent or child personally,
              still respect the bond of family;
              but save yourself from kinship grip

5:18.1    Unity for everyone feel,
              and everything together as one;
              but your love feel for only those
              who are bonded inseparably.

5:18.2    Love is the bond, the glue, of all
              keeping the world in ordered flux;
              It is principle and power:
              The Soul and will that moves the world.

5:20       When you’ve found it: your truth and way,
              you then will have to let it go;
              words and concepts are for the mind,
              mystic union is for the soul.

5:21       Now that you’ve got It in your mind,
              next you must get to It through your will—:
              the void where there is mystic bliss,
              where pure Love unifies the world.

5:23       Let your soul: the love that is you
              come through your mind in its real state
              in intimations of pure bliss
              without your conscious thought of it.

5:23.1    That which inspires us to focus,
              change, or set our minds to win our souls,
              is love as bond of unity—
              the vital soul of Meaning’s bliss.