5:23       Before you do what you regret,
              however slight your offense might be
              —little matters can erode us—
              change your mind to your better thoughts.

5:23.1    You have to be strong of might
              to be a warrior of life.
              For that, you have to let it go:
              Your ego and security.

5:26       I have been in another state
              of consciousness beyond all self:
              “where” nothing is pure everything,
              and power radiates in bliss.

5:26.1    This state it comes at its behest,
              I cannot bring it on at will;
              but this I know beyond a doubt:
              I’ve had to be receptive too.

5:26.2    It comes upon me…just like that!
              There I was, then here I am:
              transported into purity,
              bathed in light of power’s bliss.

5:27       All the world is will in process:
              willing to this or willing to that;
              a willing to maximum effect,
              and maximum effect is its power.

5:27.1    Will is power to the effect:
              the cause of everything that is;
              —Even its effects are causes too—:
              cause to effect, effect to cause.

5:27.2    We will this power—(“will to power”:
              Nietzsche, the great sage of prophecy)—
              to maximize our little life
              so we can near its infinite might.

5:27.3    To Will more power to the self
              Is self-defeating in the end;
              for self is narrowed to its life
              In stressful conflict with other lives.

5:31       Change your mind—What changes your mind?
              Set your mind—What sets your mind?
              Focus your mind—What focuses your mind?
              Not your will, but your power to will.

6:9         Love is the meaning of the world:
              it’s ordered bond of unity;
              but love as meaning of the world
              is not the meaning of itself.

6:9.1      To know the meaning of the world
              is not within the scope of mind,
              except to contemplate its pith
              and to explode into its bliss.

6:14       One plus one equals one—equals love,
              for you from me together at one.
              Our love defies the logic of math;
              thus proving love’s beyond this realm.

6:15       Identity is love in act
              with everyone and everything
              at the meaning of our being;
              as the being of the world.

6:15.1    Love of my wife is balm to my soul;
              balm to my soul is love’s caress
              of my mind and my senses that make
              me feel intimations of bliss.

6:19       Love as the meaning of the world
              is the meaning ensouled in me
              in you, in everyone, and thing:
              as the shrine of eternity.

6:25       To understand what you oppose,
              or shrink away from in disgust,
              identify with it, him or her,
              and you will grow from ignorance.

6:25.1    Justice in relation to love
              is its moral equivalency;
              it tempers love that blindly binds
              and gives to love its humanity.

6:25.2    Love between persons is blind to right;
              it binds them together for themselves;
              justice is love’s catalyst
              that keeps in mind our love for all.

6:25.3    Love is such that the pain you feel
              is what I feel indivisibly
              with you at the ground of our being
              shed of individuality.

6:25.4    A person in peril of his life
              is myself at the brink of death
              identically bound to him,
              is what impels me to save his life.

6:25.5    Such indivisibility
              can be felt or intuited
              only at rare moments in mind
              when deep I feel at one with life.

6:25.6    When we lose the love of our lives
              in death that means forever gone,
              we lose the meaning of our lives
              and live in death of self-concern.

6:29      To offset habits long in standing
              something stronger needs to be
              inculcated in the mind
              from the soul of essential being.

6:29.1   Essential being is what we are
              beyond all matter, form, and life;
              to live essentially what we are
              is to be and act in love.

6:29.2   To know that love is truly you
              is to know the inward meaning
              of your life and its true being
              living in the eternal now.

6:30       Love is the synaptic link
              between here and eternity,
              between reality and meaning
              where bliss is bathed in radiant light.

7:1         The more you love the closer you are
              to being at one with everything,
              and thereby strengthening your will
              as it transmutes pain to pleasure.