7:1.1      To break the chain of impulsive acts
              takes first a focus of your mind
              habitually aware
              of what you feel and what you think.

7:1.2      Second then is your firm resolve
              to bear the pain of doing-without
              reinforced with an inward strength
              from your love-force to change your mind.

7:7         To disagree with someone from love
              is to accept their point of view
              that does no harm to anyone,
              and which otherwise would do no good.

7:7.1      Let justice temper your blinding love
              for just your own who “can do no wrong.”
              Teach yourself and your own as well,
              that love sans justice is blinded will.

7:7.2      If you hold that love’s your way—or God,
              yet will not try to understand
              other people beyond your ken,
              then you love in ignorance.             

7:8         Love is creation, but does destroy
              when love in others of themselves
              suck the love from another’s being
              for their own aggrandizement.

7:8.1      Love is enactment of world meaning
              in creation and destruction
              of ordered processes and forms
              that keep it altogether as one.

7:13       Be a love-force in all your acts
              by being aware of what you do,
              and intend to do for the good
              for yourself including others.

7-13.1   To be aware of here and now
              is hard to do amid life’s din;
              but harder still is to be aware
              of what might, what should, and will be.

7:13.2    Awareness takes a quiet mind —
              self-assured, of broad perspective
              of what is really important
              beyond the pale of life’s allure.

7:13.3    Try not to judge the person himself
              as worthy of your love or hate;
              but rather see the image of
              life’s purpose acting through his being.

7:15       Make your vows to your centered soul.
              whereof the meaning of life resides,
              to do or not to do what’s best
              to live your life straight from your soul.

7:15.1    Is there such a thing as soul
              supernatural to this life?
              I would venture there is for sure;
              Yet not a soul as one by one.

7:15.2    Soul I know as being-pure,
              where nothing is except itself:
              being inclusive of everything,
              yet of itself is but itself.

7:15.3    What good is soul to us in life
              as pure abstraction ever remote?
              Think of it as bond of unity,
              and that you’re It—you’re everything!

7:15.4    “What is soul?” you want to know–
              A question touching life and death.
              Soul is the bond of unity:
              that which keeps all things at, as, one.

7:15.5    Soul as the bond of unity
              is the metaphysical name
              for the physical name of will,
              or for the human name of love

7:15.6    “Soul”: the word for you alone;
              “Love” the word for others with them;
              “Unity” the word for the whole;
              and MEANING the word for all words.

7:15.7    Let the thought of soul be your strength
              against the drag of inertia’s pull
              of body and mind of weak will
              that bar you from accomplishment.

7:15.8    May your mind be led by soul.
              May you be inspired thereof.
              And if that happens, you’ll win the fight
              of life in life whatever occurs.