7:15.9    Meaning manifests itself
              through images of purity:
              of truth and beauty, love and soul
              as meanings of Meaning itself

7:15.10  Love is the soul of our being
              manifested through our self
              in feeling oneness with our kind
              through the galaxy of mind

7:19       I (you) am love that binds my being
              into an integral entity,
              in relationship with you, and all,
              relatively absolute.

7:19.1    The love that binds me in unity
              with myself, with you, and all
              is in principal my soul
              and in meaning is everything.

7:19.2    The revolution of love to come:
              to love what naturally you don’t;
              and when that consciousness arrives,
              man will reach the Meaning of life.

7:19.3    Yes, read these words of love and soul,
              of meaning, unity and bliss;
              until their inspiration dulls,
              then live not read them anymore.

7:28       Pain and pleasure are one and the same:
              The energy of love being felt;
              pain repels and pleasure attracts,—
              but on the plane of mind, not soul.

7:28.1    Change your mind and you change what’s felt;
              but what is it that changes your mind?
              The source of all that makes us live—
              the totality of everything.

7:28.2    Within the total of everything
              is that which binds it all as one:
              in unity withal of meaning–
              We call it love, or will, or soul.

7:28.3    And at this universal one,
              pain is pleasure and pleasure pain;
              which is the nullity of both
              at their origin and their end.

7:28.4    And on this plane of life and earth
              where pain and pleasure disunite,
              if to approximate their source,
              love we must what we tend to shun.

8:10       Love is the creative life-death force
              that formulates everything as one;
              destruction is its way to death:
              the principle inherent to life.

8:10.1    Death is the ending of the self
              but the beginning of the soul;
              in life we know this as our bliss,
              in death we hope soul is our life.

8:15       To love that which you do not love
              is to feel the pain you would avoid;
              and a most insidious pain
              is your repulsion of love itself.

8:15.1    Each time I move away from love
              to other thoughts to free my mind,
              Love always beckons my return
              to start to love what I do not.

8:16       But of course he understands
              my Words and ideas of love;
              for he is of a loving nature—
              and understanding’s a form of love.

8:19       When the feel of love has fled your mind
              —as it periodically does—
              then act in love the best you can
              by doing right in truth and grace.

8:19.1    Fatigue, it gets us every time
              so that we care not what is right;
              our loss of energy rules our mind,
              our best intentions slip away.

8:19.2    But let me impart this remedy
              to help offset fatigued defeats:
              Change your mind to focus in
              to the fatigue in love of it.

8:19.3    For love is creative energy
              that strives and thrives positively
              beyond inertia and lethargy
              as it expands our limitations.

8:19.4    Tomorrow never comes to us
              when we say we will change our ways;
              now must be the decisive hour,
              or else our habits linger on.

8:19.5    Before we can fully live in love,
              we have to love Love more than self;
              and for that to happen in our life,
              a faith in Love must dye our mind.