8:19.6    When you love another truly
              know he–she is the embodiment
              of Love essentially yourself:
              the tangible link between you both.

8:19.7    Love without judgment is blind will
              caring indiscriminately,
              often at mercy of others
              and the suffering of oneself.      

8:21       Patience is the practice of soul
              transcendent of the urge of self;
              it is the grace of Love in act
              is arduous strength under fire.

8:21.1    Patience waits as it bides its time
              to do what’s right in grace and truth;
              a struggle it is to bear the weight
              of what the self wants here and now.

8:21.2    Patience is strength when against the wall
              or against the odds sans all hope;
              in lesser matters, it calmly waits,
              curbing impulse to act without thought.

8:21.3    Patience requires prodigious faith
              in oneself despite opinion,
              and whatever untoward events
              that go against your firmest beliefs.

8:21.4    This faith must lie beyond one’s self;
              for self is frail amidst the din
              of other selves to contest your will
              or do you in once and for all.

8:21.5    Your faith must lie in Love’s domain
              of right and truth, grace and being,
              with a will to understand beyond
              what little you know of your life.

8:21.6    Patience is calm, enduring strength
              concerned to act in love and right,
              and so will suffer doing without
              so long as truth prevails within.

8:21.7    Patience is the grace of Love
              when self needs not to have its way;
              when influences from without
              fail to shake your being within..

8:21.8   When patience under guise of love
              is nothing more than drive of self,
              superficiality shows,
              and patience breaks under the strain.

8:21.9    As soul is love in other words
              so patience is the grace of either;
              but soul is more akin to truth
              than love whose way is akin to right.

8:21.10  Patience understands what’s right.
              It acts in grace of that known truth;
              it springs from love of our being:
              the love that binds all being as one.

8:21.11  Patience requires a mind aware
              of every detail of one’s life;
              a feat one has to ever keep
              in conflict with one’s dearest self.

8:22       Our patience teaches us this truth:
              That the nexus of our wired self
              tends to make what matters so little
              matter so much to the extreme.

8:24.2    For if you have not patient love
              to live with others and yourself
              in understanding harmony,
              everything else is but a bubble.

8:24.3    But then there are those who scorn or mock
              or test, or hate, your patient love;
              and who will never let you be;
              their will is bent on breaking yours.

8:24.4    Against their will you have to strive;
              though you have one thing over them:
              your patient understanding of
              their kind, and how to deal with them.

8:24.5    Patience will save you from yourself
              when you’re inclined to do your ill
              against yourself and others too
              when you’d prefer to do what’s right.

8:24.6    Take all your success and money too,
              if you cannot do what you will
              for the better good for all concerned,
              then all has been in vain for you.

8:26       The Meaning of our human life
              is the transcendence of oneself
              to the consciousness of Meaning:
              the Meaning of life and of the world.             

8:26.1    “God” is the meaning of the world:
              the sacred name, the holy thought:
              at the ultimate of all things
              Meaning is, and we name if “God.”