9:13       We’re human and transcendent both,             
some more the one than the other;
in either case, our life is human:
Transcendence makes it more than human.

9:13:1    Our human transcendence is that
which goes beyond our ego-self
in thought and feeling, word and act
of love, for love, of life and death.

9:13:2    Your human-transcendence is your love
in mind to live your life humanly
by transcending it beyond yourself
through love and its morality

9:13:3    What we do or feel transcendently 
is an expression of our love
for another, for what’s right,
and thereby taking in more life.

9:13:4    Our humanness binds us to earth,
our transcendence gives us more life;
life, it’s true, springs from the sun;
but life, its meaning, springs eternal.

9:13:5    Accept, yes, even justify,
your humanness in it’s folly;
but beware you don’t indulge it
that it stagnates without hope.

9:13:6    Our human transcendence saves us
from our failings and frailties;
our all-too human self we love
but more our  transcendence than our self.

9:15       Love your humanity–it’s you;
love your transcendence –it too is you;
which you love the more, be that more:
all-too-human or more-than-human.

9:25       This is the human-transcendent code:
Be soul–be love–be meaning–be bliss.
Think you are these essentially,
and you will free your mind.

9:25.1    Soul-love-meaning-bliss are all as one
but manifested differently
in our living reality
through which we think symbolically.

9:26       The more life, the more meaning;
the more meaning, the less limit
of the boundaries of this life
upon our mortal existence.

9:26.1    Dying to this life on earth
is maturation toward life in death;
our bodies deteriorate,
our minds prepare the way to soul.

9:26.2    Soul is no other than the bond
to hold the body and mind as one;
when the body and mind depart
the soul exists for other forms.

9:26.3    Be soul–be larger than your life.
Be love–be vaster than your self;
Be meaning–be the essence of the world
Be bliss–be the power to your will.

9:26.4    Let “essence” be the word to mean
the God that means this world to be;
the word that clearly intimates
the inward state of reality.

9:26.5    Soul is essence personalized
as: “I am essentially soul.”
Love is the essence of unity,
as the bond between everything.

9:26.6    And bliss is Essence as all power
to will in radiant purity;
and Meaning is essence as to why
everything is as it happens.

9:26.7    “O, my meaning!”–What does that mean
when I say it in deep reverence?
The outword Meaning to the world;
the inward Meaning to myself.

9:26.8    You seekers of you Soul–or Love,
or God, or Meaning–know that your
love of others is your redemption
here in life throughout it all.

10:5       For those who strive to live in love,
until you can love more than self,
you have to overcome the will
to fight in fierce retaliation

10:5.1    The will to fight crosses over
physical retaliation
to psychological response
of spite and malice for the thrill.