Eighth Perspective

The Meaning of Love

1st Series

  1         Meaning is the essence and being of the world.

  2         The world means what it is.

  3         Love is the meaning of the world.

  4         Love wills the world.

  5         The world is will in all its physical and relational manifestations.

  6         The will is not the essence of the world (Schopenhauer); the will is the world.

  7         The power to will is the impetus that wills the world; which is the meaning of all that wills.

  8         The will to power is not the essence of the world (Nietzsche); the power to will is the essence of the world as being.

  9         Love unifies. That is the power of meaning.

10          The unifying power of love is the meaning of the world. And this unifying power is the Meaning of Love.

2nd Series

  1         Our first priority.– meaning.

  2         That our life has meaning.– our dread and anguish if it doesn’t.

  3         Self-love.– if our life is to mean something.

  4         Meaning.– the Meaning of everything.

  5         God.–  The Meaning of Meaning.

  6         The Meaning of Meaning in a word: ̶  Meaning.

  7         All that we do or think has meaning  ̶  whether we know it or not.

  8         Meaning.– the ultimate mysterium of everything.

  9         As Love is the essence  ̶  the bond of all unity  ̶  to everything, Meaning is the essence of Love; which is to say, the Meaning of Love is the Meaning of everything.

10         Though Love keeps the world as it is, Meaning keeps Love as it is.

11         Love imparts unity, and Meaning imparts Love.

12         As life has its meaning, however unfathomable that meaning is to us, so our life has meaning

13         We strive and struggle to put meaning into our life so to be in touch with the meaning of life itself; though we have no idea that that is our passion. Perhaps one day we will have that idea.

14         From good to evil, from love to hate, from the sublime to the ridiculous, all that we do and think in  our interest and concern is that our life be meaningful, that we matter in some way.

15         Our pursuit of God is neither less nor more than our pursuit of Meaning.

16         That we mean something is our share in Meaning itself–however insignificant our share may seem to us.

17         If God is Love, then the Godhead is Meaning.

18         As Love is Meaning’s emissary, so to speak, so when we love in particular, we too are Meaning’s


19         Though I may conceive Meaning, though I may intuit It, even experience It, I nevertheless can never understand Its eternal infinitude.

20         We can know of Meaning; but can never know It — at least in our present form of consciousness.

21         Meaning is “behind the scenes,” so to speak of the modes of Love that we conceive, such as, order, essence, being, substance, and the like.

22         My meaning is Meaning; is essentially Meaning, to be more precise.

23         Meaning is/is-not everything.

24         Were we to ask, “What is the meaning of Meaning,” we would find ourselves moving in a circle going quite nowhere. We could only keep answering: meaning.

25         Meaning inheres in Love.

26         Love binds the world as it is according to its meaning.

27         Meaning manifests itself through love.

28         A person will kill for love; and that is the evil inherent in love.

29         Though I may be of little consequence in life, I am of all consequence in meaning.

30         My “lowly” meaning in relationship to all meaning I fit into the total existential mosaic. I play my part in   the scheme of things, however insignificantly to my perspective.

31         The “scheme of things,” The “nature of reality,” and all such phrases, are familiar substitutes for    “the “meaning of …”

32         Love is my divinity, while Meaning is my sanctity. And why “my divinity“?  Because of its pure      oneness of everything. And why “my sanctity“? Because it is the that love is pure oneness – Remember “I am that I am”.

3rd Series

  1         I have found God – or more precisely: the Godhead! And that is Meaning!

  2         I have found my God, and that is my meaning!

  3         Meaning is the ultimate Reality to, of, everything, and God is its ultimate name. In Which case, God is more relevant to our lives than ever before.

  4         As Meaning pervades everything, so, by substitution, does God.

  5         Meaning is the metaphysical aspect of all reality; God is the individual, personal aspect.

  6         My meaning is the particular aspect of Meaning itself; and so my meaning is God manifest as me.

  7         Inasmuch as I have meaning, I am of meaning, and so am meaning essentially.

  8         A: Do you believe in God?

              B: Yes, as  Meaning — the meaning of everything.

              A: Everything? Do you mean that God is the meaning of a word as well as of the world?

              B: Of course, inasmuch as the meaning of any one word, in any one language, is the meaning of all words?

      9          We have no grasp as to what the meaning of everything is; in which case, it remains fathomless to us, a nothingness, a void. Yet we do have intimations that there is an ultimate meaning to everything; and it is this intimation which I call God.

10        God is our intimation of Meaning – the name we give to Meaning. It is nameless insofar as we know not what this meaning is; yet named God insofar as that there is meaning. Ultimately we cannot speak of essential meaning; yet relatively, we can speak of It as It manifests Itself in Its myriad aspects in life and nonlife.

11        The meaning of any one word in any one language is ultimately the meaning of all words of all languages.