Ninth Perspective

To Live For Love

1.          “Live for love” is my wisdom-morality for it is concerned mainly in doing the right thing in balance with both my humanness and my transcendence.

2.          Doing the right thing consistently is impossible for there are far too many resistances about us from others, from life, and from ourselves; but with love as our way of life, the odds against inconsistency minimized considerably.

3.          What gets in the way of our doing what we know as the right thing to do? Fatigue, moods, fears, ego, lusts, desires, anxieties, ambition, hunger, impatience, impulse, anger, insecurities, conflicts, tension, annoyances, and on and on. It just seems that there is too much against consistency in this realm

4.          Is it even wise – that is to say possible – to strive to do the right thing, consistently, almost always (I won’t say “always.”)?

5.          Be silent more than vocal and you get along better with others and with yourself.

6.          You may not be able to, or be in a position to, doing great things socially, politically, and the like; but you can do moderate, small, things personally by spreading your good will, (moods and acts, and deeds) to those in your proximity.

7.          So long as you interact with others, you will fail what you expect of yourself, and what others expect of you, continuously.

8.           If you can’t do it for right, then do it for love.

              What does “Living for love” mean at its essence? It means that to live for love takes precedent over living for anything else predominantly.

9.          In many cases, knowing the right thing to do is obvious; but perhaps just as many cases in which we don’t, or can’t know 100% what is the right thing to do. But in such cases, applying one’s living for love way helps considerably in determining the answer.

10.        Living for love takes you out of yourself to consider others more than ever before.

11.         Yes, we must keep our minds on our daily tasks, responsibilities, activities, and interests; but in this way, they don’t take precedence so that we become resentful, impatient, nervous, etc. when doing what’s right for love conflicts with the impetus of doing what we want, etc. 

12.        When we prefer to do what is right to what is desirous with hardly any tension, then we will know we’re living aright within the bounds of our Love-self.

13.        In the beginning stages of right-in-love, know that you are sacrificing your “pleasures of the flesh”; and those habitual, lifelong pleasures will not take its denial sitting down, without taxing you to the limit. Your mind will play all kinds of tricks on you to take to “where you belong,” so it says to you. You’ll be subject to all kinds of temptations that tell you “You are on the wrong track, that you’ll never make it, that “you’re only human – and stay that way; you’ll even think that you might die, or turn sick, if you do not indulge yourself as was your wont. How could you possibly consistently bar yourself from your familiar “innocent” pleasures that do no harm to anyone except yourself; after all, it is your life, and the more pleasure the more one escapes from boredom; How can you possibly do without your old familiar pleasures, especially those that relieve you.

14.        Whichever way we turn there is always something right to do or not to do. It’s enough to drive you mad keeping up with it all. Our wisdom-morality helps give us the understanding and balance to deal with it all.

15.        Living for Love offsets boredom; gives you something to do, something to strive for.

16.        Living for love gets, sails, you through depressed moods when the day, the weather, a sense of futility, are bleak, and your mind is darkened.

17.        Add your smile wherever and whenever you can to those in your proximity.

18.        Be silent more than vocal and you’ll get along better with others and with yourself.

19.        Do more than you are obligated to do, or is expected of you, and you will be appreciated – and taken advantage of; but your wise judgment and good will won’t tolerate unfairness according to your past actions.

20.        Your mantra: “Do it for Love.”

21.        Doing the right thing is not always doing it for love, but for some other reason, such as, from fear, duty, patriotism, obligation; all basically from self love rather than from Love-Self.

22.        The way of our wisdom-morality: We minimize our self-love in order to maximize our Love-self.

23.        Love what you do not love identify with it.

24.        What you identify with, you understand.

25.        Love your enemies at a distance, and cautiously, of course.

26. Love what is ugly but with different eyes than toward that which is beautiful.

27. Love yourself for sure, but not at the expense or harm of others.

28. “Pain is the price of each precious thing,” so writes the incomparable Shakespeare; and that applies as well to the love of each previous thing.

29. What is precious to us is what we love; though not all that is precious to us is what we should love.

30. What do we love more: that which harms us or that which benefits us? Obvious answer; but not an obvious consent.

31.        Can we bear the pain for that which we love more to withhold consent to that which we love less?

32.        Love is what we are just as love is what we crave, desire, long for, are inflamed by.

33.        The difference between love and Love (with a capital “L”) : Love is why we love.

34.        Passionate love as compared, contrasted to, compassionate love is the difference between fire and its glow.  

35.        Love – with a capital ‘L’ confirm to yourself to be the bond of all unity;

              love with a lower case ‘l’ consider as the bond of this-or-that in life.

36         Let your love of Love itself be your ruling love.

37.        Though one mood after another traverses your mind – those that please and those that pain – keep the thought of Love ever infused in them.

38.        Love your pains – certainly not as you love your pleasures, but as an inevitability of life.

39.        What is beyond your will to do anything about, leave it to itself and return to Love.

40.        Know that Love is the meaning of your life.

41.        Love will save you from yourself.

42.        Say the word and you’ll be free

              … And the word, the word is love. – John Lennon.

43.        Love be with you.

44.        Love the beauty of a shark but avoid it, or protect yourself from it, for your very life.

45.        Love strife not as its proponent but as its opponent to the other face of love.

46.        Love your enemy – as your enemy. Identify with him; know his ways so to protect yourself from him who you would certainly not treat as a friend nor expect him to treat you as a friend, except to harm you. Know him, respect him, for what he is, but be prepared to oppose him if and when you must – certainly not with defensive love but with offense love that acts on this maxim: Intimidate him before he intimidates you. Catch him off guard not knowing where you’re coming from: use your methods, not his. Pretend as he pretends, but for your protection not his.

47.        Act with grace as you do right; act in grace to be sure you do right.

48.        Know what can and cannot be done, and do, or do not do, what you must with Love on your side.

49.        Let Love inspire you to do what is right – otherwise you don’t have much of a chance, overall.

50.        Love yourself – be with yourself.

51.        Be divine – turn inward to your Love source, to your Love divinity.

52.        Keep the thought of Love ever on your mind interspersed between everything that goes on within it; for Love is certainly in your mind; in fact, is your mind.

53.        “Love bears all things” (Paul) And so Love, as our inward divinity makes it possible for us to bear all things.

54.        Act in Love, and you act with wisdom.

55.        Love is your eternity. Live it here and now in its living reality.

56.        Be prepared always for your adversary’s bite; meet it resolutely with the power of Love’s might.

57.        Let the energy of Love calm your anger before it ignites you into an unjustifiable fury.