The Image of Love

[Written in the passion and beauty of being in love with my Wife-to-be]

  1         Love conquers everything – even itself!

  2         Love is the power that moves mountains, that weathers rock, that shapes events.

  3         Love is no respecter of persons; it unifies and divides as It wills.

  4         Love is the mystery of human love.

  5         Love knows no boundaries.

  6         Love makes no mistakes.                         

  7         The flash of Love blinds the sight of human reason so to illumine the truth of vision.

  9         Love unsettles so that it may settle its way.

10         The tumultuous movements of Love quake the human organism.

11          The love between a man and a woman at its fiery center fuses them together in passion and beauty.

12          Love makes no exclusions; it encompasses all.

13         To love one human being fully and deeply is to love all human beings.

14         Love is divinity in life.

15         Love does not hold back.

16         Love makes no distinctions.        

17         Love lets down all the restraints that the self sets up.

18          Self intrudes itself into the source and flow of love.

19          Love is selfless.

20          Love frees the mind from the impetuous ego.

21          Love frees the mind and unravels the ego.

22          Love is free; the ego is bound. Therein centers the conflict of human life and love.

23          When ego turns ogre and sex turns tyrant, Love is turned outdoors.

24          Love has no secrets — It gives Its all.

25          Through physical love pure Love is neared.

26          Love is the innocence of a child at play, of an infant at the breast — pure surrender.

27         Love does not pose; It does not put on airs; It is what It is.

28         Lust is the sister of Love — sometimes in unison, sometimes divided.

29         Seek first the kingdom of Love, and all else will be given you.

30         Love is of eternity.

31         Everything changes except Love, which is constant.

32          Love in action: — good works.

33          Love penetrates the veil of Maya.             

34          Love is everything and nothing. A round square is nothing, except a meaningless concept; and as a concept, it exists in the mind; and so it is –that is to say, it (nothing) exists.