35          If God is Love, let us then reach God through acts of love.

36          Love pacifies the impulsive urge in us.

37          Lust will not do unless impassioned with Love’s embrace.

38          Love makes no exclusions; it encompasses all.

39          Fear not to love. It is yourself at your very best.

40          An Image of Love: Love dances the soul with the simplicity of a child.

41          What you do not like, then love.  

42          Patience lies in wait for Love to ease its way.

43          Love moves in grace and force.

44          Love graces one’s movements and gait.

45          Love is concerned with order — in bringing order to Its disorder.

46          Love is the master of moods.

47          “Think of God” — The dictum of the sages.

              But what to think? — The question of the ages.

              Answer: LOVE.

48          Say, think, the word “Love” to yourself; keep it in mind always. Let it be the talisman around your mind and heart.

49          Transform everything you do into acts and thoughts of love.

50          Love motivates us to love; that Love which is inward of us –and so is us.

51          Love all persons in understanding; a few in affection; and those closest to us, in depth.

52          Wed love to right

              With all your might

              Never end the fight

              Whatever your plight;

              Scale the height

              to your inward Light.

54          Think of yourself as Love incarnate — that which you essentially are.

55          Through the explosion of death into the light of Love we go.

56          Think, ponder; love deep, deep in your heart, straight through you mind, inward to your being and know and be the Love you are.

57          Love acts in grace and in strength. It defies inertia so that It may create Its works of Love.

58          Think the word Love, and be free — believe me!

59          Love is not possessive; It is free as the bird on the wing, as the breeze through the air.

60          The thought of Love energizes, vitalizes, uplifts, the spirits. Think of love, and up goes the adrenaline level.

61          Right is Love in action; sympathy, Love in feeling; duty, Love in principle; good, Love in beauty.