Ninth Perspective

To Live for Love

1.          “Live for love” is my wisdom-morality for it is concerned mainly in doing the right thing in balance with both my humanness and my transcendence.

2.          Doing the right thing consistently is impossible for there are far too many resistances about us from others, from life, and from ourselves; but with love as our way of life, the odds against inconsistency minimized considerably.

3.          What gets in the way of our doing what we know as the right thing to do? Fatigue, moods, fears, ego, lusts, desires, anxieties, ambition, hunger, impatience, impulse, anger, insecurities, conflicts, tension, annoyances, and on and on. It just seems that there is too much against consistency in this realm

4.          Is it even wise – that is to say possible – to strive to do the right thing, consistently, almost always (I won’t say “always.”)?

5.          Be silent more than vocal and you get along better with others and with yourself.

6.          You may not be able to, or be in a position to, doing great things socially, politically, and the like; but you can do moderate, small, things personally by spreading your good will, (moods and acts, and deeds) to those in your proximity.

7.          So long as you interact with others, you will fail what you expect of yourself, and what others expect of you, continuously.

8.           If you can’t do it for right, then do it for love. What does “Living for love” mean at its essence? It means that to live for love takes precedent over living for anything else predominantly.

9.          In many cases, knowing the right thing to do is obvious; but perhaps just as many cases in which we don’t, or can’t know 100% what is the right thing to do. But in such cases, applying one’s living for love way helps considerably in determining the answer.

10.        Living for love takes you out of yourself to consider others more than ever before.

The Love Testament: Ninth Perspective

Eighth Perspective

The Meaning of Love

1st Series

  1         Meaning is the essence and being of the world.

  2         The world means what it is.

  3         Love is the meaning of the world.

  4         Love wills the world.

  5         The world is will in all its physical and relational manifestations.

  6         The will is not the essence of the world (Schopenhauer); the will is the world.

  7         The power to will is the impetus that wills the world; which is the meaning of all that wills.

  8         The will to power is not the essence of the world (Nietzsche); the power to will is the essence of the world as being.

  9         Love unifies. That is the power of meaning.

10          The unifying power of love is the meaning of the world. And this unifying power is the Meaning of Love.

The Love Testament: Eighth Perspective

Seventh Perspective

Love and Strife

1            All things interact.

2            If love unifies, how can it separate – which follows from the idea that love causes strife? In answer: Consider how light is manifested as particles in one medium, and as waves in another medium. Similarly with love – in one situation, it unifies, and in another situation, it separates.

3            Unity is the feeling of love. When we identify with something or someone, we feel at one with that object. This is the sentience of love.

4            I hate mendacity because I love the truth; I love mendacity because I hate the truth  ̶  either way, I love-hate Love; contradictions and all.

5            With the consciousness of love and strife, I identify what actually is occurring at any given time.

6            Everything is in relationship; nothing is on its own. This statement, “Nothing is on its own,” can be taken negatively; meaning: the absence of everything; or positively: the essence of everything; which is not itself a thing.

7            Love is attraction; strife is detraction (repulsion)

8            Agitation –-storm-strife; and calm (love).

9            Love causes strife. I feel sorry for my son that he has to be alone. That causes me pain – strife.

10          Change is the way of strife, the way of life, the way of the world.

The Love Testament: Seventh Perspective

Fourth Perspective

The Word, “Love”

1    “Say the word and you’ll be free.” (Lennon: “The Word”) Free from what? Free to what? Free from the adversities of life, from the impetuosity of one’s ego-sensuality, from anxiety and despair, from depression and worthlessness…and on and on. Free to be more self-understanding, free to be transcendent, free to be moderate, free to be loving, and on and on.

 2    Let Love soothe the “savage beast” in you; however buried, sublimated, repressed, it may be. Keep in touch with your Love divinity, and you will keep from the dark forces of your nature, of human nature.

3    Love – transcendent Love – certainly is all you need, as Lennon sings; especially when It comes to  freeing you mind.

 4    Say the word “Love,” chant the word Love, sing the word Love, as in the song Love is all you need: Love, love, love.

5    Do you want a dosage of strength in a particular situation? Turn to Love. Repeat the word, and that dosage will impart that strength to you  ̶  more than, perhaps you can imagine. Keep the faith!

6     Let Love take over. It knows. Certainly more than you know.

7     Ah, the word Love! sweet to the ears, balm to the mind!

 8    Temper the word Love with the wisdom of the species – good and evil, love and strife, you know; lest you become engulfed in “sappiness,” in treacle.

9     Saying, chanting, singing, the word Love will save you from yourself. Not totally, but in good part.

10     Saying the word, thinking the word, Love will embark you on a high adventure sans boredom and egoism and neurosis, and …

The Love Testament: Fourth Perspective


The Wheel of Life

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. -George Sand

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi

Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses. -Lao Tzu

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. -Lao Tzu

Love does not dominate; it cultivates. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love. -Carl Saga

The Love Testament: Third Perspective

Third Perspective

The Way of Love

[Written After Falling in Love with My Wife-to-be]

  1         Love is an overcoming of self  ̶  and other selves.

  2         It is now time in our history for love to take the ascendancy over ego. The ego has long had its day. It’s time for it to take the backseat.  Yes, long live the ego! But strong live love!

  3         If you think love is easy, is a kind of weakness, then, my friend, try it sometime – especially when you don’t feel it!

  4         No religious or spiritual stances with the way of love. Anything goes as long as it’s done in love, for the right :  ̶  just-right.

  5         Peace is the moral equivalent of love.

  6         The severe, hard masculine expression does give one a sense of power  ̶  manipulative power; forceful power it is a guise designed to instill fear, awe, respect for you into others. It alienates. The softer, relaxed lilt to one’s expression is a guise too, perhaps; but it instills ease and cheer and friendliness for you into others. It unites.

  7         Love wins all  ̶  even when it loses. A paradox, yes, but one to be understood.

  8         Just the thought of love alone can be enough; one does not always have to be loving, always have to have an object to love  ̶  human or otherwise.

  9         Being in a rush, being anxious, eager, restless, fatigue, are deterrents to the self-controlled love. To offset these, love must be foremost in your mind and life. Too much to expect? Mostly, yes.

10          Love is the great harmonizer  ̶  it gives us both the flesh and the spirit. What more could we want!

The Love Testament: Third Perspective


The Wheel of Life

Whoso loves, believes in the impossible. –Elizabeth Barrett Browning

When yo love someone, you love the person as they are, and not as you’d like them to be. –Leo Tolstoy

To the whole world you might be just one person, but to one person you might just be the whole world. –Pablo Casals

The greatest pleasure of life is love. –Euripides

True love is rare, and it’s the only thing that gives life real meaning. Nicholas Spark

Being deeply love by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. –Laozi

The Love Testament: Second Perspective

Second Perspective: The Image of Love

[Written in the passion and beauty of being in love with my Wife-to-be]

  1         Love conquers everything – even itself!

  2         Love is the power that moves mountains, that weathers rock, that shapes events.

  3         Love is no respecter of persons; it unifies and divides as It wills.

  4         Love is the mystery of human love.

  5         Love knows no boundaries.

  6         Love makes no mistakes.                         

  7         The flash of Love blinds the sight of human reason so to illumine the truth of vision.

  9         Love unsettles so that it may settle its way.

10         The tumultuous movements of Love quake the human organism.

11          The love between a man and a woman at its fiery center fuses them together in passion and beauty.

The Love Testament: Second Perspective