Ninth Perspective

To Live for Love

1.          “Live for love” is my wisdom-morality for it is concerned mainly in doing the right thing in balance with both my humanness and my transcendence.

2.          Doing the right thing consistently is impossible for there are far too many resistances about us from others, from life, and from ourselves; but with love as our way of life, the odds against inconsistency minimized considerably.

3.          What gets in the way of our doing what we know as the right thing to do? Fatigue, moods, fears, ego, lusts, desires, anxieties, ambition, hunger, impatience, impulse, anger, insecurities, conflicts, tension, annoyances, and on and on. It just seems that there is too much against consistency in this realm

4.          Is it even wise – that is to say possible – to strive to do the right thing, consistently, almost always (I won’t say “always.”)?

5.          Be silent more than vocal and you get along better with others and with yourself.

6.          You may not be able to, or be in a position to, doing great things socially, politically, and the like; but you can do moderate, small, things personally by spreading your good will, (moods and acts, and deeds) to those in your proximity.

7.          So long as you interact with others, you will fail what you expect of yourself, and what others expect of you, continuously.

8.           If you can’t do it for right, then do it for love. What does “Living for love” mean at its essence? It means that to live for love takes precedent over living for anything else predominantly.

9.          In many cases, knowing the right thing to do is obvious; but perhaps just as many cases in which we don’t, or can’t know 100% what is the right thing to do. But in such cases, applying one’s living for love way helps considerably in determining the answer.

10.        Living for love takes you out of yourself to consider others more than ever before.

The Love Testament: Ninth Perspective

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